Curse of Strahd

The adventure begins!
In which the party searches a house.

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While enjoying a much needed break in a local tavern, the party was approached by a gypsy who had a letter for them from his master. The letter stated it was from a Kolyan Indirovich, and asked that they come to the village of Barovia and help his daughter, Ireena Kolyana, who was being harassed by some sort of evil creature. The promise of a reward seemed too tempting to turn down and so the party set forth at first light for the land of Barovia.

After a few hours of travelling, the party was enveloped by a mysterious fog which seemed to transport them to another place. They stood outside of an enormous gate flanked by 2 gigantic statues missing their heads. The gate opened on its own and, as the party passed through, it closed behind them.

Further along the path Lucian, the party rogue, detected the scent of death in the air. Upon locating the source the body of a young man was found clutching a letter in his hand. The letter stated that it was written by the same man who asked them to come to his daughter’s aid but it was in a different handwriting and held a different message. This letter warned any adventurers to stay away from Barovia and to seal off this land to prevent the evil within from escaping. The party wondered which letter was real and which is a fake? The sound of wolves howling nearby was enough to set the party back on course for the town of Barovia.

After arriving in Barovia the party was drawn to the sound of a small boy crying in the street and his slightly older sister consoling him. When the party approached, the girl told them that there was a monster inside their home and their baby brother was still inside the house. While the party stood outside and pondered the next coarse of action, the fog surrounding the village began to push in on all sides of them and forced them to retreat into the house.

After the party entered the home they began to methodically search the rooms within. The house was immaculately clean on the first and second floors but as they ascended to the third floor they noticed dust and cobwebs and the air became chilled. Lucian and Terence were attacked by a suit of armor but in the end they prevailed. A quick search of the third floor revealed a hidden set of stairs leading to the attic.

It was here that the party found the bedroom of the girl and boy in the street, though judging by the two small skeletons on the floor of the room, the two children were not who they seemed. After inspecting a dollhouse that was a scale model recreation of the very home they now stood, the party found a secret door in a room they had previously searched but had not seen. Upon attempting to leave the room the doors slammed shut and the party found themselves face to face with the ghosts of the two small children. After revealing that they were placed in this room by their parents and died of starvation, the spirits attempted to possess members of the party. The girl was unsuccessful in her attempt, but the boy managed to posses Garelyn, the party wizard.


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